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Revolution Semiconductor is a privately-held integrated circuit design services and intellectual property provider company located in Huissen, Netherlands.  Since 2010, we have been serving a diverse international client base for their analogue, radio frequency and digital integrated circuit design needs.

    Revolution Semiconductor is a privately held fabless semiconductor IC design company. We specialize in ultra low power analogue, radio frequency and sub-threshold digital integrated circuit design. The Revolution Semiconductor has already designed an EPC Gen-2 v1.2 and ISO-18000-6c standards compliant prototype passive UHF RFID transponder integrated circuit.

    Our integrated circuit design engineers have over sixty years of industry experience designing chips for companies such as Sony, National Semiconductor, Analog Devices, and Qualcomm. 

    Revolution Semiconductor provides a bespoke service solution for IC design and layout services to its diverse customer base. We specialise in:

    • Full-custom analogue, radio frequency and mixed-signal integrated circuit design.
    • RTL to GDSII digital integrated circuit design with a unique emphasis on subthreshold CMOS digital circuits.
    • Ultra-low power, energy harvesting IC intellectual property.

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