Past Projects

Revolution Semiconductor has an active and growing analogue/RF integrated circuit design team supported by an industry standard CAD and computing infrastructure. Our staff has so far worked on many and varied projects in analogue, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

We have design experience in MS/RF and digital CMOS technologies from 28nm to 250nm and in industry's leading BiCMOS technologies. 

  • X-band Phase Shifters and Vector Modulators.
  • ISM band Ultra-low power RF transceivers.
  • UHF passive RFID transponders.
  • LNAs between 900MHz to 5GHz.
  • Mixers both for upconversion and downconversion of RF signals up to 4GHz.
  • Ultra-low power ring oscillators.
  • BiCMOS IF variable-gain amplifiers (VGA).
  • RF Fixed-gain amplifiers.
  • Phase-locked Loops (PLL) Clock generators.
  • Clock and data recovery circuits.
  • 10Gbps CMOS optical communication circuits.
  • CMOS Readout integrated circuits for focal-plane arrays.
  • Band-gap voltage references.
  • Very-low power Xtal Oscillators.
  • Sigma-delta modulators.
  • Hard-disk preamplifiers.

Latest News

Differential Drive CMOS Rectifiers Design Note

To help the global analogue/RF IC design community with the experience and knowledge, Revolution Semiconductor gained over the years, we are starting a series of design notes accessible from our website.The first the design note is titled Differential Drive CMOS Rectifiers for UHF RFID and is authored by Dr. Murat Eskiyerli.

Semiconductor Industry in Turkey: Key Lessons

The Turkish semiconductor sector has, regrettably, not developed as much as it could have over the past thirty years. There are a couple of reasons for this comparative underdevelopment vis-a-vis other sectors, such as construction, where Turkish companies have now the second highest volume of international portfolio of projects after the Chinese companies.

Revsemi and CyberMedia Research Announce Strategic Alliance to Extend CMR’s Services in Turkey

Ankara, Turkey and New Delhi, India : Revolution Semiconductor Labs, Turkey and Cyber Media Research Ltd. (CMR), India today announced signing of an agreement extending Cyber Media Research’s services of market research, consulting and advisory in several verticals including Information Technology, Telecoms, Semiconductors, Electronics, Energy, Healthcare and Smart Infrastructure.