Semiconductor Industry in Turkey: Key Lessons

The Turkish semiconductor sector has, regrettably, not developed as much as it could have over the past thirty years. There are a couple of reasons for this comparative underdevelopment vis-a-vis other sectors, such as construction, where Turkish companies have now the second highest volume of international portfolio of projects after the Chinese companies.

Revolution Semiconductor at TSMC Technology Symposium

Revolution Semiconductor will be attending TSMC Technology Symposium on June 16th, 2015 at Amsterdam. We are looking forward to meet fellow IC design and semiconductor technology companies. Please get in touch if you plan to be there and would like to have a chat with us!  

Tutorial Presentation in IEEE RFID 2016 Conference

Dr. Murat Eskiyerli, Managing Director of Revolution Semiconductor will present a tutorial titled "Design and Measurement of CMOS RF-DC Energy Harvesting Circuits" in the IEEE RFID 2016 Conference at Orlando, Florida on 3rd May 2016.