Tutorial Presentation in IEEE RFID 2016 Conference

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Dr. Murat Eskiyerli, Managing Director of Revolution Semiconductor will present a tutorial titled "Design and Measurement of CMOS RF-DC Energy Harvesting Circuits" in the IEEE RFID 2016 Conference at Orlando, Florida on 3rd May 2016.

The tutorial will start from the first principles and cover the single and multi-stage CMOS RF to DC rectifier design, efficiency, the simulation methodology and the measurement methods for the chip input impedance — a prerequisite for the design of the optimum tag antenna.
We would be very interested in meeting anybody who is interested in our unique technology and expertise in ultra-low power analogue and digital integrated circuits. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the form at the bottom of this post. We will make sure to meet you at your convenience.

Tutorial Plan

  • The requirements for RF energy harvesting circuits
    • RF Rectifier Circuits
    • Diode-C Rectifier Rectifier
    • Diode-connected MOSFET-C rectifier circuit
    • Differential-drive CMOS rectifier circuit
    • Power Conversion efficiency (PCE) and output voltage of CMOS Rectifier
    • Design of Multi-stage (cascaded) CMOS rectifier circuits.
    • Selection of the number of stages in a rectifier block.
    • Avenues for further optimization of CMOS rectifier circuits.
  • Rectifier Input Impedance of Simulation and Measurement
    • The need for determination of the input impedance of the rectifiers
    • Inadequacy of the conventional small-signal analysis and simulations
    • The simulation methods
    • Transient Simulation methods
    • Shooting-Newton type simulations
    • The determination of the actual RF input power from simulations
    • The characteristics of the input current/voltage in time and frequency domains
  • Quick and accurate testbench measurement of the input impedance
  • Optimization of the input impedance of the RF rectifiers.

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